Weddings - Frequently Asked Questions


Where are you located?

JVL Studios is in Summerfield, North Carolina, but I am available to travel anywhere, and welcome the opportunity to do so.  With a husband in the aviation business, I am privy to rock bottom prices for flights and hotels, and as a result, your additional cost for my travel is minimal - no inflated fees for travel are added (just the hotel/flight fees as billed to me).


What are your wedding packages/pricing?

Because every wedding is so unique, I don't attempt to fit everyone's needs into a package.  So many factors come together to provide a couple with their perfect day.  The length of coverage, number of photographers, location, equipment needed, location - all of these things need to be determined before a quote can be given.  I encourage a face to face meeting with all prospective couples, and from there an accurate estimate can be made.


How many pictures will I get?

Again, this all depends on the length of the wedding, the events going on, the number of guests, etc.  Over the last year or so I have averaged between 500 and 800 images.


Can I preview all the images and pick the ones I want?

When I do my first review of your images, I automatically delete any in which eyes are closed, the focus is not sharp, or the main subject has been blocked by someone or something.  Beyond that, all the remaining images will be provided to you.